Tortuguero, Costa Rica, February 28, 2017

DetectaHotel, the purchaser of accommodations with offices in Barcelona, London, Dubai, Bangkok, Seoul and Sydney, has begun an extensive evaluation that includes the different types of accommodations in Costa Rica. This evaluation consisted on collecting data from millions of comments from customers and translate them into an Official Recognition of Excellence. oficial.

In the midst of stress, work, routine, everyday sounds, children's school, homework and meetings, you need a break; it's time to plan a family vacation, but where to go?

You want a vacation that combines exotic nature, relaxation and the best adventure tours? The Caribbean of Costa Rica is the ideal place, where the Manatus Hotel, in Tortuguero, is waiting to provide you with the best care, a variety of amenities and romantic and cozy rooms surrounded by the most beautiful natural environment.

If you want to take a tour at the Costa Rica Caribbean coast and enjoy the exotic wildlife and the beautiful nature of this wonderful place that is Tortuguero, at Manatus Hotel we have offers for you to enjoy a great Caribbean vacation.

We invite you to a heavenly place, staying in a cozy and luxurious room and at the same time enjoying the nature of Tortuguero… all forming part of the “Manatus experience” during 2016.

When we think about the best sport fishing in Costa Rica,three areas of the northern part of the province of Limón come to our mind: Tortuguero, Barra del Colorado and Parismina.

Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations in Central America for sport fishing, especially the one that takes place in the northern side of the province of Limón: Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado, at the Caribbean coast.

You have walked for over an hour and the mud is all over you, just like a true adventurer; you’re anxious to get there but you stop continuously to take pictures of the amazing flora and fauna around you… you're about to sit down to rest when, suddenly, in front of you, the vegetation clears to let you witness a breathtaking view. You did it! You’re at the top of the Tortuguero Hill!

Through the calm waters of the Tortuguero canals navigate thousands of tourists every year… waters where the boat slides slowly, letting you appreciate in detail the lush vegetation and the animals in the area. The reflection of nature in the water is captivating, mesmerizing.


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