Enjoy a complimentary tour in September

Stay in September and get a complimentary tour: turtle nesting.

Pay 2x1 on transfer

Pay 2x1 for your transfer to Manatus.

Enjoy 1 complimentary night

Stay during May or June and get 1 complimentary night

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February 8 | 2016
If you want to take a tour at the Costa Rica Caribbean coast and enjoy the exotic wildlife and the beautiful nature of this wonderful place that is Tortuguero, at Manatus Hotel we have offers for you...
December 15 | 2015
It is clear for you that this 2016 you want a vacation away from all worries and work. You have in mind an exotic place to enjoy the whispers of nature and its animals. You want a tourist destination...
August 6 | 2015
My name is Kevin, I am 30 years old and I was born in Colorado, USA. When I was only 6, my grandfather, an assiduous nature lover, told me that on the beach of a remote, small Central American...