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Live the Manatus Experience

A paradise in the middle of the Costa Rican nature

Tortuguero is one of the most extraordinary places on Earth, and Manatus Hotel is the best lodging option to enjoy all of its natural beauties in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Manatus Hotel
Hotel vip en tortuguero, Costa Rica
Mejores hoteles en tortuguero, Costa Rica


12 fully equipped luxury rooms designed with an extraordinary sense of peace and comfort. We are the only hotel in Tortuguero with A/C and cable tv.



Enjoying a full a la carte restaurant is not a common trait in Tortuguero. The Ara Macaw Restaurant will delight your senses with
its Afro-Caribbean fusion menu included
in your rate



Elevate your adventure tours and activities in Tortuguero to the next level. Eco-friendly electric boats, outstanding guides, VIP service. ​​​​​​​Live a once in a lifetime natural experience.



Want an exotic destination for your next trip? Choose Tortuguero!

Up until recently, the concept of tourism was mainly associated with cosmopolitan destinations, such as Paris, Milan or New York; or if we talk about Latin America, without a doubt we thought of places like Mexico or Buenos Aires. This type of tourism, even today, is focused on carrying large…

5 exceptional dishes of the Costa Rican Caribbean

It is said that for choices there are many colors… or dishes.  However today we want to share some of those dishes that are considered worthy representatives of the best Afro-Caribbean food due to their undisputed fame.  When you visit the Caribbean of Costa Rica on your family vacation, you…

Do you know the famous Red Eyed Frog? At Tortuguero it is part of the landscape!

Entering the Juan Santamaría airport in Costa Rica, locals and tourists will see on one of its walls a giant figure of the famous Red Eyed Frog as representative of Costa Rica’s biodiversity. This beautiful large red eyes and vertical pupil frog, with an intense lime green colored body, yellow…
  • Want an exotic destination for your next trip?  Choose Tortuguero!