"Destino para luna de miel" [:es]


The wedding is over. Now the newlyweds are preparing to start a life together, but, what if first they visit Costa Rica as their honeymoon destination?

Costa Rica gives you Tortuguero, a beautiful region of the Caribbean which is ideal for different kind of couples: those who want to spend more time alone, sunbathing and enjoying nature; or those who love adrenaline as well as recreational and adventure activities and tours.

Today, we give those couples 5 reasons to choose Tortuguero and Manatus Hotel, as their perfect destination for their honeymoon.

1. Costa Rica´s flora and fauna: The best reason for choosing it as your honeymoon destination

Costa Rica is a country known worldwide for its constant struggle to preserve natural resources, flora and fauna.

On your way to the hotel, while navigating the majestic water canals, watch closely at the swamps because for sure you will spot their prehistoric tenants: crocodiles.

Once at Manatus Hotel you will wake up listening the howling of the three kinds of monkeys that live in Tortuguero and some of the 405 bird species that the region has, or bumping into during a walk with a three-toed sloth.

Without a doubt, a natural tourist destination like no other…

2. Manatus, the only hotel in Tortuguero recognized worldwide

Manatus Hotel has earned the affection of thousands of tourists of various nationalities who keep great memories of their stay.

The hotel –winner of the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor– waits for you with luxury rooms with large beds, Internet and air conditioning, private bathroom and terrace and cable.

3. Gourmet Caribbean food to forget the diet

At Limón, Tortuguero, the warmth of its people is one of the features that attract the tourists. The limonenses are experts in preparing exquisite Caribbean dishes that will make you, for a few days, leave the diet aside.

Foods like rice and beanspatí and rondón have to be in your newlywed menu. They are prepared by an international chef at the restaurant Ara Macaw of Manatus hotel!

4. Adventure vacations in Costa Rica

At Tortuguero the newlyweds will explode their adventurous spirit, not with one, but with several outdoor activities, charged with pure adrenaline!:

5. Spend your honeymoon in Tortuguero surrounded by moments of relaxation

When you and your spouse returned from a walk, from navigating the water canals or climbing the Tortuguero Hill, let yourself be pampered in your room by the services of the Manatus spa. You can receive:

  • Relaxing massages and stone massages
  • Manicure y pedicure
  • Facials
  • Hair treatments
  • Wax depilation

Don’t think it twice to make Tortuguero your ideal honeymoon destination. You can check our general rates or the ones we have prepared for newlyweds.

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