My name is Matthew O’Connell, I ‘m originally from the UK and when I came to Costa Rica for a vacation in Tortuguero I immediately fell in love with this paradise full of adventures and exotic locations.  Since I arrived to Tortugueroand stayed at the Manatus Hotel I realized that there were many adventure activities to release adrenaline, meet exotic animals and marvel with the natural beauties of Costa Rica.
At Tortuguero, located in the paradisiacal Caribbean of Costa Rica, I experienced several adventures that made me want to stay … forever!

Tours to appreciate the wonders of Nature:

I took a through the beautiful Tortuguero Canals and while the tour guide was telling us about the extension of the water canals, at the distance I saw a huge crocodile sunbathing on the edge of a swamp. I almost ran out the memory of my camera because I knew that when I returned home no one would believe what I saw.

Back at the hotel another tour was waiting for me, this time to the beaches ofTortuguero, where I was lucky to see live the nesting and spawning of sea turtles, a unique spectacle in the world.  Thousands of turtles come to the beach and choose a place to dig and lay their eggs; then they return to the sea leaving behind their legacy.

Tortuguero is the home of exotic animals that I´ve never seen before! Like the howler monkeys and the three-toed sloth, an animal that spends most of its day hanging from the trees, thanks to its long claws.

Adventure tours and activities in Tortuguero:

During my vacations in Costa Rica I had prepared another adventure activity, but this time at sea. Sport fishing in Tortuguero attracts each year thousands of tourists from around the world, like me, who see in this activity a way to release the accumulated adrenaline.

If you, like me, love to hike and discover unique places, I recommend you a tourto climb the Cerro Tortuguero, an imposing extinct volcano of over 100 meters high. I admit I was exhausted when I arrived to the top, but the view was spectacular.

I also did a kayaking tour along the water canals and culminated my adventures with a canopy tour where I literally flew over the treetops… no doubt a great experience!

I went back home with the goal of returning soon to Tortuguero, but this time with my whole family, so they can also have an exotic vacation and discover a corner of this beautiful Central American country.

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