To practice eco-tourism in Tortuguero, Costa Rica [:es]

Do you know the famous Red Eyed Frog? At Tortuguero it is part of the landscape!

Entering the Juan Santamaría airport in Costa Rica, locals and tourists will see on one of its walls a giant figure of the famous Red Eyed Frog as representative of Costa Rica’s biodiversity.

This beautiful large red eyes and vertical pupil frog, with an intense lime green colored body, yellow or orange stripes on its side and blue or purple front extremities, is one of the most beautiful species of Costa Rica, and for this reason itself, one of the symbols most commonly used to refer to the richness of the Costa Rican nature.

In Costa Rica, the Red Eyed Frog can be found both at the Caribbean and Pacific slopes, in the lowlands, starting at sea level up to 1000 meters of height.  They can live up to 5 years and reach sizes between 4 and 7 cm long. One of the most interesting features of these frogs is their ability to camouflage; when it sleeps during the day, the Red Eyed Frog can go almost unnoticed.  It places itself on the reverse side of the leaves and shows only its green part of the body, hiding their bright colors to avoid being discovered.

Tortuguero, the perfect place to practice eco-tourism

The tropical humid forest of the Caribbean, present in Tortuguero makes this site the ideal habitat for the Red Eyed Frog.  In the abundant nature of Tortuguero or visiting the Tortuguero National Park, the chance for seeing this beautiful frog is very high, especially if you go accompanied by a tourist guide, who will instruct you where to focus your attention.

If you are a nature lover and you like eco-tourism, we invite you to visit the Manatus Hotel in Tortuguero and take advantage of your stay to discover this and other equally beautiful species of the Costa Rican Caribbean.  We guarantee you’ll be satisfied! Contact us today .

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