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The local and foreign tourists that visit Tortuguero, Costa Rica, can experience live an event that takes place in a few countries, and where the strength and courage of sea turtles are tested.

Every year, the beaches of Tortuguero, in the Caribbean of Costa Rica, are chosen by thousands of Baula, Green and Carey turtles that lay their eggsinto the sand leaving the warm waters of the sea behind.

This activity is known as nesting and spawning of turtles, and occurs specially from March and on.

The Tortuguero National Park is a pride to Costa Rica, because it is the most important place at the Western Hemisphere for the spawning of sea turtles.

What is the nesting and spawning of sea turtles?

The tourists, without a doubt, will have an exotic vacation in Costa Rica, as they will see how sea turtles, some with a weight of even 500 kilos, leave the water and quickly flood the arena; then, they choose the place they consider appropriate -according to humidity and temperature- and start digging with their fins.

The nest of the sea turtles is about 75 inches deep, enough to lay up 100 eggs or more! This task will take them several hours, during which the tourists will look at them with nothing but astonishment.

When the turtle finished laying its eggs, carefully covers the hole with sand and for that it uses its strong front and back fins. When it’s satisfied with its work, the sea turtle returns to the ocean and will never go back to meet its breeding.

Two months later, the little turtles begin to break their eggs and to climb, with great effort, on top of each other to leave the nest. Then, awaits for them an intense journey to the sea, which will provide shelter as once their mother did.

Live your honeymoon or adventure vacation in Tortuguero

But beside this, Tortuguero has much more to offer. Chose this destination for your honeymoon in Costa Rica, or to experience the adventure vacation you always dreamed of. When in Tortuguero, be sure to:

  • Visit the turtle’s museum at the Visitors Center of the Sea Turtle Conservancy, where you will learn more about these beautiful animals
  • Make a bird watching tour. In Tortuguero live more than 400 species!

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