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Manatus Costa Rica is eco-adventure tours done the right way!

Tortuguero is without a doubt one of Costa Rica’s best examples of sustainable tourism done right! This is not just about individual companies or initiatives implementing valuable and important eco-friendly practices. This is about the different actors of the community, private and local doing amazing things as a collective group to preserve the precious and beautiful Tortuguero. Manatus Costa Rica is part of this collective and part of this important work to the extent that we could say that Manatus Costa Rica is eco-adventure tours done the right way!

Tortuguero on the far northern tip of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is like no other place in this beautiful country.  Thanks to the winding canals that end as they meet the wild, open sea, roads are not part of the landscape and thus, cars aren`t either. You will see lots of boats of different shapes and sizes that navigate these stretches of water.  These exotic waterways are boarded by the lush vegetation in the form of rainforests and that is home to many photogenic animals.

Thanks to its rich biodiversity and what the visionary leaders of Costa Rica understood decades ago, the need to protect it, Tortuguero National Park is part of the areas of conservation that cover 25% of the country. Just imagine that! A quarter of the country is protected land which translates to sanctuaries for so much Costa Rican wildlife and plant life that deserve to live peacefully in their natural habitat.

Explore the water canals and the lush vegetation that surrounds it.

The Manatus Costa Rica signature tour

Well, Tortuguero National Park is one of Manatus Costa Rica’s signature tours and what fun it is!   To observe the fantastic array of birds, reptiles, monkeys, sloths and if you are really, really lucky, maybe even a Manatee. This elusive yet fascinating animal is the hotel’s namesake and favorite aquatic friend in the neighborhood.

Manatus Costa Rica, in its continuous efforts to implement sustainable practices to benefit the environment, the community and offer their guests an unforgettable and unique experience, is leading the way as the only property in Tortuguero that uses electric boats when touring the National Park.

Electric Boats are the new way of exploring the canals

This is a noteworthy differentiator for a number of valuable reasons. Firstly, and foremost, this is user experience at its best.  Through the use of an electrically run motor, noise pollution is reduced considerably.  This translates to a tour that allows you to not only see all the animals, you will also be able to listen to their songs and symphonies without the noise of a traditional motor that tends to drown out other sounds. What a pleasure to be able to close your eyes and inhale the noises of the rainforest and the water canals.

Another important reason that made Manatus decide to invest in electric motors four years ago, is also a really prized reason.  With the use of electric motors instead of gasoline-driven motors, reduces contamination by the gasoline and oils that inevitably end up in the water. This is aquatic clean energy at its best and it means the Manatus Costa Rica is helping keep the Tortuguero water canals cleaner and free from the toxic waste that is detrimental to the quality of this precious ecosystem that is home to so much wildlife.

An Eco-Friendly Adventure Tour done the right way!

And if these reasons weren`t enough to truly live the Tortuguero National Park tour by Manatus Costa Rica, the park has a priority entrance for eco-friendly transport like the Manatus electric boats, kayaks or canoes. This means, your fantastic tour guide will have you exploring the canals earlier. You will be seeing the suspicious crocodiles basking in the morning sun, the cheeky monkeys swinging from the branches fossicking for some food and the sleepy sloth smiling away in no time.

As part of the Manatus Costa Rica stay package, this fabulous adventure-filled tour is included as is a tour to the picturesque town of Tortuguero. This tour will let you stretch your legs and wander down the small main walkway that runs down the middle of this small village. It is colorful, with a laid back, Caribbean vibe to it which is inviting. It is also a great opportunity to see how this secluded yet diverse community lives and enjoys the beauty that surrounds them.

After a day on the water or walking around the property or the town of Tortuguero, to return to your A/C suite, relax by the pool that sits by the canal and have a refreshing cocktail before dinner, is an indulgence.  Manatus Costa Rica offers eco-luxury the Tortuguero way.  Feel the satisfaction that by staying there, you are doing your part in the conservation of this beautiful little corner of the world.

So, get your binoculars ready for an eco-adventure of a lifetime as Manatus Costa Rica at Tortuguero is eco-adventure tours done the right way!  Welcome to the jungle by this prestigious member of the exclusive Enchanting Hotel collection!

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