Bird watching, Tortuguero, Costa Rica [:es]

Tortuguero, a natural paradise for practicing bird watching

For outdoors and nature lovers, bird watching is an interesting natural hobby, as well as a very complete activity, combining the knowledge of birds with the practice of trekking and the visit to exotic and different places. This natural hobby consists of watching the birds in their natural habitat, for example, in the mountain, the fields, at sea and in green areas in general.

Things you need for practicing bird watching

Since this is an educational and cultural hobby, that requires a low physical effort, almost anyone can practice bird watching. There are few gadgets needed to carry it out, mostly binoculars and a field guide, where you will have photos or drawings of birds with detailed information of each one, to be able to identify them.  Today there are even apps for that purpose.  Of course, as it happens with any other hobby, you can add some other gadgets such as a good photo or video camera, a notebook for recording your sightings, and comfortable clothing suitable for walking.

Where can you practice bird watching?

The bird watcher tends to choose the date and place of his next bird watching expedition, depending on the location and season in which his favorites birds appear.

Tortuguero, at the Costa Rican Caribbean, is one of those places that bird watchers tend to visit frequently, due to the enormous quantity and diversity of bird species that inhabit its forests, shores and mangroves, as well as those that pass through this area in its immigration process.

Among the species of birds that can be seen in Tortuguero are the Tanning Hermit Hummingbird, Nymph in the Forest Hummingbird, green Ibis, Osprey, Chapulinero Hawk, crab-eating, red parrot, green Parrot, Pájara Estaca, kingfishers, Warblers, Peregrine Falcon, trogons, woodpeckers, Agami Heron, bluish Garzon, Orioles, Buco Pinto, soldiers, Oropendolas, herons, purple chicken and three species of toucans.

Therefore, now you know, if you are fond of birds, or want to get started in this fun natural hobby, we invite you to visit the area of Tortuguero, in the Costa Rican Caribbean.  We assure you that you will not be disappointed!

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