With its different types of animals, about 2.000 species of plants, 405 of birds and more than 400 of trees, the Tortuguero National Park, at the Costa Rica´s Caribbean coast, is a natural paradise.

Located about 80 kilometers from the city of Limón, it has 11 different habitats! distributed among jungles, lagoons, water canals, swamps and beaches.

The Tortuguero National Park is set on 26 thousand hectares of land and 50 thousand hectares of water.

The animals bring life to the area

At Tortuguero many tourists get amazed by the spawning of turtles, but the reality is that in this area there´s a wide variety of animals.

If you take a tour at the park you can run into tapirs, manatees, raccoons, frogs, basilisks (a kind of lizard than can run on top of the water), iguanas, bats, sloths, otters and more.

There are some who are endangered species, like the jaguar and manigordo, who also have made of Tortuguero their homeland.

And if you take a look at the trees, it is possible to see three kinds of monkeys: the Araña which makes quick movements and jumps from one tree to the other; the Congo or Aullador with its unmistakable sounds and the Cariblanco.

Meanwhile, at the water canals and swamps… crocodiles and alligators show their sharp teeth while taking the sun; that´s why Tortuguero is considered a unique place for practicing eco tourism in the world.

Also, there are 405 species of birds, being the most outstanding ones the martín pescador, royal turkeys, parrots, toucans and herons.

The sky is not the limit for Tortuguero´s trees

The animals play an important role giving life and movement to nature, but this work also lies on several plants and trees.

Whether they grow on land, swamps or water, the grounds of Tortuguero National Park are ideal for the development of yolillo palm, water lilies, and aquatic ferns, among other species.

Also, there is the majestic sparrowhawk tree with its magnificent 30 or 40 meters tall, and the herbaceous plants of more than two meters tall.

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