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Tortuguero, an unimaginable natural paradise

At the Caribbean, in the province of Limón, you’ll find an exotic destination: The Tortuguero National Park.

This exotic destination embraces a terrestrial area of 18.946,9 hectares and a marine area of 52.265 hectares.

The park was created to protect the flora and fauna of the region, and to propitiate research, scientific studies, promote environmental education and enjoy nature through the practice of ecotourism.

Types of forests that exist in Tortuguero

Tortuguero has three types of forests: very humid tropical forest, humid premontane forest, and humid tropical forest.

It offers eight types of mayor associations (trees, shrubs and herbs) and three minor associations (herbs for the most part).

Some of the most outstanding vegetal associations in the park are: littoral vegetation, especially different types of cereals. Humid forests with abundant vertical stratification; dense underbrush characterized by ferns, white palm trees and diverse annonaceae species; forests on hills, yolillales that are located in the central part of the park, herbaceous swamps with two meter high plants, and herbaceous communities on lagoons with floating vegetation like choreja and water lilies.  Some of the most characteristic species of flora are: cedro macho, gavilán, pilón, javillo negro, fruta dorada, manú, maría, alcanfor, canfín, cativo, palma yolillo, palma suita, palma real, choreja and water lilies. The choreja can sometimes grow masses so compact that they can prevent navigation.

Exotic and exuberant vegetation

Tortuguero is an exuberant natural paradise, with incredible canals were you can navigate and find the most varied and beautiful flora and fauna of Costa Rica.  It is an ideal place to practice ecological tourism.

Eleven habitats have been identified, besides 2200 species of plants and 400 of trees, plus a wide variety of wild life; definitely a natural paradise that in Manatus Hotel we are determined to preserve.  We motivate our guests to enjoy nature in a responsible way, so they can take with them a great memory of Costa Rica’s nature.

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