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You have just started your adventure vacation in Costa Rica. You arrived to Tortugueroa spectacular place totally away from the city, so much that Waze don’t doubt to tell you: you have reached your destination, get off the car, and take a boat and start navigating through calm waters full of peace.

Without wasting your time and after a vibrant journey from the capital, San José, the boat ride through the water canals is more than idyllic.

405 bird species are responsible for welcoming you with distinctive whistles. Meanwhile, in the trees three kinds of monkeys howl or jump when they see you, the three-toed sloths slowly turn their heads to observe you and the crocodiles at the edge of the swamps pose for your camera flashes.

At that moment you close your eyes, breathe deeply and think: Such a pure air I’m breathing…Nature has given me this feeling of peace and harmony!

The nature of Tortuguero has no rival

The monkeys, crocodiles and thousands of other species of animals, trees and plants await at Tortuguero, a region of the Caribbean of Costa Rica that has no match in the world.

At Tortuguero you will forget about everything and live a few days of relaxation. In this area of the province of Limón is where Manatus Hotel is located.

Winner of the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, Manatus Hotel is an oasis in the middle of the Costa Rican nature. An oasis that has many comforts and where you can be part of the harmony that nature emanates.

At Manatus Hotel we will make sure that you become an expert in Caribbean foods, that you get to know the warmth of the people from Limón, and that you explore your adventurous side by climbing the Tortuguero Hill or practicing sport fishing.

But that’s not all, as you can choose from many other adventure tours we have to offer.

Now that 2015 is about to begin, Why don´t you leave your worries behind and start the new year waking up with the chanting of the birds and the smell of nature?

Book your space right now! We are waiting for you at Manatus Hotel, Costa Rica.

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