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Tortuguero is a great place for kids, whatever the age!

Costa Rica is a fabulous destination for amazing vacations whatever your age. It is full of nature, adventure, great beaches and unique experiences that make your time away unforgettable. That is what a vacation should be about!  When traveling with children, special considerations need to be made to ensure there are some great kid-friendly activities that will keep everyone entertained. So, let us introduce you to Tortuguero which is a great place for kids, whatever the age!

Tortuguero is located in the far northern tip of the Costa Rica Caribbean Coast and is the home to winding water canals bordered by lush, wildlife laden rainforests, Manatus Hotel and days filled with adventure, animal spotting, and relaxation. What better combination for a vacation with kids than days of exploration in the jungle and an eco-luxury hotel to return to and to relax.

Costa Rica boasts around 4% of the world’s biodiversity so that translates to lots of animals in this small yet amazing country.  Tortuguero is one of the country`s regions that has many of the favorite Costa Ricans including monkeys, sloths, caimans, colorful birds, turtles and the elusive manatee that prefers to remain out of sight.  This means Tortuguero is the perfect eco-tourism destination.

Getting to Tortuguero is part of the fun!

Getting there is part of the fun

One of the most exciting things about Tortuguero is actually getting there!  The adventure begins as you work your way over the rainforest-covered Central Mountain range onto the Caribbean lowlands.  The contrast of landscapes will keep the kids entertained nearly as much as the boat ride through the canals to reach Tortuguero.  This part of the adventure is where roads are replaced with canals and cars are replaced with boats!

This is a perfect day when the children are a bit older and can fully enjoy the journey. There is a faster and equally fun way to reach Tortuguero and that is via plane and you get to see some amazing views of the region and the canals from the air.

Upon arriving at your home away from home in the jungle, Manatus Costa Rica, this is when you can enjoy the pool, have a cocktail and relax.  The beautiful rooms have a/c and cable TV so everyone in the family can enjoy some downtime with the comforts of a fantastic boutique hotel surrounded by nature and its peacefulness.

Relaxing by the pool overlooking the canal

An eco-tourism destination of excellence

After a great night`s sleep and some excellent food at the Ara Macaw restaurant that specializes in Caribbean flavors, you are ready for some adventure!

Manatus Costa Rica has some fantastic tours that the family can enjoy.  Get ready for some fun!  A morning tour to cruise the canals and to the Tortuguero National Park will transport you to another world.  Lush rainforests that are home to many animals means your time exploring will be filled with finger-pointing, gazing and gasps of excitement as you spot lots of different animals in the trees, in the water, on the banks, and in the air.

During part of the year, the animal to watch and observe isn`t found in the water canals, but rather the beach.  Sea turtles make their yearly arrival to lay their eggs on the Tortuguero beach.  This is nature in all its wonder and an amazing educational experience for children.  Not only can they marvel at the arrival of these great turtles onto the beach, they learn that we must be very quiet and respectful of the nesting process and the flow of nature.

Exploring the water canals is for the kids of all ages!

It’s fun for the kids at heart too!

For the bigger kids or the kids at heart, Manatus Costa Rica also gives you the opportunity to relax with a massage and spa services that blend in perfectly to the peacefulness and serenity of Tortuguero. While the kids enjoy the pool and the hotel property, treat yourself, refresh and renew in the tropics.  This is indulging in some adult pampering that is well deserved!

Tortuguero is a destination for all ages and a great way for families to connect and enjoy the beauty of nature up close and distanced from the tourist rush. To immerse yourself into a little corner of the world where roads are water canals and that is home to an ultimate eco-destination that impresses, will guarantee an amazing vacation for the kids that they will remember forever!

Manatus Costa Rica, a treasured member of the Enchanting Hotels, and its exclusive collection of eco-boutique hotels in the most beautiful corners of Costa Rica invites you and your family to come and explore the waterways and the rainforest. The kids will love it! See you soon…

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