Want an exotic destination for your next trip? Choose Tortuguero! [:es]

Want an exotic destination for your next trip? Choose Tortuguero!

Up until recently, the concept of tourism was mainly associated with cosmopolitan destinations, such as Paris, Milan or New York; or if we talk about Latin America, without a doubt we thought of places like Mexico or Buenos Aires. This type of tourism, even today, is focused on carrying large groups of people to sites that gather cultural and historical heritage of importance.

However, over the years, and precisely with the excess of visitors to the most popular tourist destinations and the growing interest in the ecological theme, a different type of tourism has developed.  This kind of tourism focuses on smaller groups of people that do not seek for a commercial experience, but want to have access to exotic destinations in the world that most tourists are unaware. These destinations, often located in small countries, may not have a great historical or cultural background, but provide unique and wonderful natural experiences.

That is the case of Costa Rica, and undoubtedly, even more, of Tortuguero; a little corner located in the Costa Rican Caribbean that contains many natural treasures difficult to replace with whatever other destinations offer.

Experiencing adventure tourism

The first thing we have to say is that getting to Tortuguero is already an adventure in itself, given that Tortuguero is accessible only by plane or boat.  If you go by boat, it will leave from Puerto Pavona and continue its journey through the intricate curves of the Río Suerte through a dense forest. Already at that moment, the massive nature that surrounds the place will become evident, and you will start to recognize the main inhabitants of the area:  birds, monkeys, turtles, sloths, and of course, some crocodiles that poke their heads just above the level of the water. The Suerte River then flows into the Tortuguero River, which in turn leads to the main lagoon that serves as a highway to the town and the hotels that are located on its banks.

This way, Tortuguero starts to reveal itself as an ideal destination for doing some adventure tourism, such as canopy, kayaking, or hiking through the lush trails within the tropical jungle.

An exotic vacation to live the real eco-tourism

Tortuguero is also famous for its National Park, which comprehends an extensive network of water channels that gives home to approximately 440 types of birds, 118 species of reptiles, 138 species of mammals, and all kinds of wild and exotic flora to satisfy the taste of the most demanding ecological tourist.

In addition, Tortuguero is well known as one of the most important places in the world for the spawning of sea turtles, which arrive at its coasts between July and October. This is a wonderful show mainly enjoyed on night tours, in small guided groups, so as not to disturb the turtles in their nesting and spawning process.

Finally, Tortuguero has gained fame as a “hot spot” for sport fishing whose main objective is sabalo or tarpon, a fish that can reach 130 kilos in weight, and which represents one of the most sought fishing challenges by anglers around the world.

Enjoy your vacations in Tortuguero

If you are one of those tourists tired of the massive tours, the large lines to enter a museum or show, the smog and the noise of big cities, your next tourist destination is Tortuguero. An exotic and unique place in the world. Moreover, at Manatus Hotel, the only VIP hotel in Tortuguero, we will be happy to complement your experience with the best accommodation service in the area. Book with us today.

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