(Español) "Viaje de descanso a Tortuguero, Costa Rica" [:es]


Do you feel intoxicated by the smoke of intercity buses, your mind confused from stress and responsibilities? Did you lose your peace of mind when you found your yard full of an irresponsible neighbor’s trash?  Did you wake up today, racing to go to work and find that your house is turned upside down?  Perhaps it is time to take yourself into consideration… take your phone, call (506) 2709-8197 today and immediately book a passage to paradise…

When you step for the first time in the exuberant atmosphere that surrounds the Manatus Hotel located only 4.9 kilometers from Tortuguero National Park, all the problems that kept you awake remain behind! It will be like being reborn in a world where things happen at a pace that only Mother Nature in her wisdom and beauty is able to orchestrate.

 A trip of relaxation between exotic species of flora and fauna

To begin with, the air is as pure as a baby’s smile, the sounds of waterfalls and harmonious rivers with their sedative effect, eco a lulling symphony  that comes from the depths of the vast rain forest.

The journey through waters that run winding between vines, algae, lilies and shrubs will be an experience free of any route, except for the dial in the “biological clock” of the hundreds of exotic species of flora and fauna that will parade before your eyes… firmly grasp the lens of your camera and capture the color, texture and design that characterizes the rugged landscape of this privileged zone of Limon in all its glory.

You will hardly find two exactly equal moments in this changing and suggestive environment. Discover how an iguana crawling elegantly with its millennia-old crest, is more beautiful than the most elegant showcases at the malls, and the plumage of any of our waterfowl more beautiful than any painting in a gallery. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner with a mouth full of the vibrant taste of a different life, and enjoy from your room the subtle view of our exotic gardens, take advantage of the modern comforts that we offer, such as WiFi in various areas, without altering the balance of the environment.

A perfect day to achieve total relaxation

At the end of the day, full of pleasant emotions and relaxing spaces, you can sleep peacefully and deeply in our cozy rooms with air conditioning, room service and mini bar, knowing that the cloak of the night filled with the sound of crickets will cradle you and once and for all turn off all the honking of the traffic jams and those insomniac concerns that were still lingering in your memory. Good night!

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