A unique area in the world, located between water channels, with rich vegetation and animals, that give you the chance to do amazing adventure tours; that’s Tortuguero, Costa Rica. It is also a special place due to its unique Caribbean gastronomy and the warmth of its people.

If you´re planning to travel to the Caribbean of Costa Rica, to this wonderful spot called Tortuguero, you must be sure to carry in your suitcase, clothes and items to get the best of your stay.

In the Caribbean it´s better to use lightweight clothes

Take into account that Tortuguero has rainy and warm weather, depending on the season and time of the day, that’s why you should use different types of clothes, preferably made of cotton to maintain a cool body and with little weight on.

Shorts and sleeveless shirts are ideal during the day, while at night or during a walk through the Tortuguero National Park, the recommendation is to protect you from insects using long pants.

At Tortuguero, you should protect yourself from insects and from the sun

During your visit to Tortuguero we recommend you to apply insect repellent at all times to keep away the mosquitoes. Another advice is to wear light colored clothes to attract them less.

It is also important to use enough sunscreen and a hat, to protect your skin from sun burns.

Tortuguero is an area where rain can occur at any time, so another tip is to put inside your bag a raincoat to protect you from catching a cold.

The type of shoes is also important.  If you´re planning on walking through the jungle, you should wear boots with thick soles or tennis shoes, to keep your feet dry. At the hotel and around the pool, you can use sandals.

Record the best moments of your trip in your memory… and in your camera!

Traveling to Tortuguero without a camera is considered a sin!   There are just too many wonderful things to be photographed and to be taken home as a memory.

The vegetation is lush and you can observe animals like turtles, crocodiles, tapirs, manatees, otters, iguanas, bats and 405 species of birds!.

Also remember to include binoculars in your luggage, so you can have a close look at the leafy trees of Tortuguero, where sloths and three kinds of monkeys have their homes.

Manatus:  the best hotel in the Caribbean of Costa Rica

Manatus Hotel is recognized throughout the area of Tortuguero because of its luxurious rooms, delicious Caribbean meals, the best adventure tours, VIP services and the possibility for newlyweds to enjoy a memorable honeymoon.

No wonder our hotel received for the second year in a row (2013 and 2014) the Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor.

So don’t waste any more time and book your space right now by calling to: (506) 2239-4854 or entering at the Booking section of Manatus web site.

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