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5 Reasons why Manatus Tortuguero is the perfect post-pandemic getaway

The countdown is on for the re-opening of Manatus Costa Rica in the unbelievable Tortuguero outpost. The final touches to the upgrade in the health and safety protocols are being made. The priority is to ensure that guests can enjoy their stay in this nature-filled destination without having to worry about anything! Let us see 5 reasons why Manatus Tortuguero is the perfect post-pandemic getaway and as borders re-open and travelers begin to roam the world again!

As a result of the pandemic and the subsequent closing of Costa Rican borders around six months ago, Manatus Costa Rica decided to close their doors temporarily to ride the pandemic storm.  Right from the beginning, the re-opening date was set and this VIP hotel in Tortuguero is eagerly awaiting the 1st December to greet guests again.

As the weeks go on, Costa Rica opens its doors to more and more countries, regions and states so stay tuned to see if your home is on this special list.  No quarantine time to do but some other documents are including a negative PCR-RT coronavirus test, purchasing specific travel insurance, and to have completed an epidemiological questionnaire.  The PCR-RT test must be done no longer than 72 hours prior to your arrival in Costa Rica although it is recommended to consult with your airline as requisites may change.

So let´s check out those 5 reasons why Manatus in Tortuguero is such a fantastic place to visit in these exceptional post-pandemic times.

1. Seclusion

Tortuguero is about as secluded as you get so where better to escape the crowds than in a place that is only accessible by boat or by air.  Located on the northern Caribbean Sea coastline, Tortuguero is THE place to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy its serenity and spectacular landscapes.

This means that social distancing takes on a whole new meaning.  Transportation is in comfortable boats that will take up and down the water canals and to visit the Tortuguero National Park.

To reach Manatus Costa Rica, you will take a boat too and the hotel is surrounded by rainforest and the water canal.  So, the only people you encounter during your stay is just the other guests at this small, boutique hotel.

Seclusion at its best. Accessible only by boat. The perfect post-pandemic getaway

2.Safety and hygiene protocols

Manatus Costa Rica will re-open its doors with several safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the utmost health and sanitization standards as per established by the local authorities.  Guests will have peace of mind that their well-being is a priority and that they can focus on the beauty and wildlife spotting instead.

Protocols will include sanitization and disinfection of:

    • Boats
    • Restaurant
    • Pool area
    • Bathrooms
    • Rooms
    • Reception

Social distancing has always been part of the Tortuguero Experience thanks to the unique dynamics of this sleepy location so Manatus Costa Rica and the locals already know the drill so to speak. The variety of animals you will spot while exploring the canals also keep their distance, albeit for other reasons, but who is asking, right?

Surrounded by nature on the Tortuguero water canals. The perfect getaway to nature

3. Boutique Hotel

Manatus Costa Rica is a boutique hotel.  That means with a small number of rooms with upscale accommodations and individualized selling points.  That sums up Manatus Costa Rica perfectly!

Manatus has 12 fully equipped luxury rooms. Each one “connects you with the surrounding environment of a wildlife sanctuary and the water canals of Tortuguero, while ensuring your comfort and convenience”.

That sounds just about perfect, no?

Being a boutique hotel with all the benefits it offers especially in these times, Manatus Costa Rica also has some other pluses that represent this one-of-a-kind philosophy.  Treat yourself to a room spa and a menu of wellness possibilities! Relaxing or stone massages or a facial are just a few of the first class “be kind to yourself” vacation experiences.

There is also a fitness room so keep your healthy routine going even while you are on vacation.

Lush rainforest border the water canals of Tortuguero. The perfection of nature

4. Because of its beauty!

Let´s face it, Tortuguero is just spectacular! Manatus Costa Rica is also Tortuguero´s best hotel so you get the best of both worlds.

Tortuguero is a nature-lovers paradise. I always say time takes on a whole new meaning because of the sense of stillness and the graceful tidal movements of the water as it moves along the canals.

These are exceptional times.  You deserve to enjoy this exceptional little corner of the world and embrace it´s beauty, its serenity, and the natural wonder that it is.

Eco-luxury rooms at Manatus Tortuguero. A fantastic post-pandemic getaway

5. All Inclusive

Manatus Costa Rica´s rates include all meals and 2 or 3 tours depending on the length of your stay or the package you choose.  The fantastic gourmet restaurant that specializes in Afro-Caribbean gastronomy with a twist is the best part of the deal.

This means a few things:

  • Stress-free: You have everything covered so no additional costs mean you can be surprised by all the animals you see and not the final bill.
  • Remain on property: Moving around is decreased and dining is at the same restaurant with a small number of other diners only. No need to take transport to get you to the restaurant.
  • The tours are with the Manatus Costa Rica guests only reducing contact with a wider circle of people and thus reducing exposure

So pack your bags and book your flight! Manatus Costa Rica in Tortuguero Costa Rica and part of the exclusive Enchanting Hotel collection can´t wait to show you the water canals and what safety and seclusion look like in the rainforest! See you soon….

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