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Manatus Tortuguero: Where sustainable tourism thrives

When we talk about Tortuguero and Costa Rica, sustainable tourism automatically comes to mind. We add Manatus Costa Rica to the mix and the beauty of this very special place on earth and the tourism experience is enriched beyond spectacular.  This is where sustainable tourism is defined.

According to UNESCO, sustainable tourism is defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment”.  Now, isn`t that the type of tourism that needs to be promoted and experienced more frequently? The great news is that Costa Rica is a world leader in this wonderful way to do tourism.

Sustainable Tourism is a community affair

Without a doubt, Tortuguero is a unique place in this world thanks to the combination of its water canals that wind through the dense, lush, rainforest, the diversity of its wildlife and its cultural mix, it’s off the beaten track location and where time is defined differently.  It`s accessibility by boat or plane rather than roads, has meant that the locals and hotel owners have had to make precious decisions on how to manage aspects that we might well take for granted.

The wonderful thing about these decisions is that it has been a community affair. Businesses and locals have come together to deal with minimizing pollution, biodiversity conservation, responsible use of natural resources like energy and water and promoting local culture and service providers. All these initiatives mean that visitors to Tortuguero are participants in making the world a better place from the comfort and beauty of the rainforest and the canals. 

Sustainable Tourism in Tortuguero is a community affair

Manatus Tortuguero – the balance between luxury and sustainability

Manatus Costa Rica is a treasure that blends into the calm waterways and the amazing jungle with the added touch of eco-luxury living.  With all the comforts of a VIP hotel, Manatus Costa Rica has elegantly found the balance between indulgence with sustainability to offer its guests an unforgettable experience while visiting Tortuguero.  

This fantastic hotel has implemented important strategies to live by their philosophy of being as sustainable as possible as a hotel but also as a key player within the Tortuguero community.  All this is achieved without jeopardizing the quality of the services and the experiences that their guests receive and live while enjoying the jungle, the sea, the canals and all of their dwellers. 

One of Manatus’ initiatives in reducing its carbon footprint is maintaining two hectares of forest on the property to ensure the capture of C02.  This is a win-win for the environment, the resident wildlife, and guests who can enjoy this little piece of the untouched forest close by.

Other noteworthy sustainability policies include the hotel’s water conservation program. Appreciating the need to preserve freshwater can be a challenge when you are surrounded by it but it is about using water efficiently and guests are part of these important practices.  For sustainable tourism to be truly worthwhile from a hotel standpoint is that their guests are aware of these important processes.

A trademark sustainability project is the application of the “3 R’s or “reduce, reuse and recycle” that Manatus has implemented very successfully.  This very worthwhile program at the hotel level is part of the community`s recycling center which is exemplary and is confirmation that this truly is a community affair.  The center recycles paper, cardboard, beverage containers, plastic, and aluminum and it is managed by community members with love and care. It is in the center of this picturesque village so feel free to check it out when you go into town.

Being the only hotel in Tortuguero with air conditioning in the rooms, Manatus takes extra care in ensuring that the system is well maintained to guarantee its cooling efficiency for our guest’s comfort because after a day by the pool or out exploring the rainforest, to retreat to the coolness of your beautifully decorated room, is luxury.  Regular preventive maintenance also ensures ecologically aware usage of energy which is important for the environment.

After a day by the pool or exploring the canals, retreat to your A/C room

A close to the community experience

Acknowledgment and involvement of the local community and culture are key factors in the existence and application of sustainable tourism. Manatus maintains a close and successful relationship with the local community and is a big supporter of cultural activities that the Tortuguero locals organize and promote.  Purchasing local products and services is also an important way to collaborate with the community and be part of its success.  

Tortuguero is rich in culture and is a mixture of many nationalities that is reflected in many ways including the cuisine and the languages spoken. Try out the delicious Afro-Caribbean fusion gourmet dishes that Ara Macaw Restaurant has.  You will love them!  Locals from Tortuguero are integral members of the Manatus Costa Rica team.

So when you come to visit Tortuguero and stay at the beautiful Manatus Costa Rica, you are part of a movement much bigger than you imagine. You become an active participant in sustainable tourism and all the fantastic benefits it brings to the environment, the local community and its culture. You will indulge your senses in the amazing jungle, the diversity of flora and fauna that thrive in this protected little corner of Costa Rica and be part of the development and growth of the locals.  All this, while enjoying the comfort and VIP treatment of Manatus Costa Rica.

Did we mention that this is the Green Turtle nesting season?  Manatus Costa Rica looks forward to hearing from you to look at possible dates to come to the rainforest paradise by the sea. See you soon! 

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