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Tortuguero is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

February is one of the favorite months of the year to pop the question to your loved one. And then the whirlwind of planning begins to define all the details of this important milestone. The calm after the wedding storm comes in the shape of an amazing honeymoon in a special place that will leave everlasting memories. And this is where Manatus Lodge at Costa Rica’s Tortuguero appears and becomes the perfect Honeymoon destination.

Manatus Tortuguero is the best example of an eco-luxury lodge in the middle of the rainforest and the water canals that characterize this beautiful corner of the world. Where boats replace cars and the sounds of the wide diversity of animals replace the sounds of the concrete jungle, this is honeymoon paradise. It is where serenity and time take on a whole new meaning and where better to wind down in nature than here.

Tortuguero is located on the far northern stretch of beach on the Caribbean Sea of beautiful Costa Rica. It is unique in many ways which makes it such a special place to visit. To reach this amazing little nook, you will have to take a long boat ride through the rainforest laden water canals that wind their way through the Caribbean lowlands until they reach the sea.

Llegar a Tortuguero es parte de la aventura!

Bring on the Honeymoon!

So, your adventure as newlyweds begins as you hop into the boat and begin to sense what awaits you when you get to Tortuguero. The dense lush rainforest that borders the dark watered canals makes you feel you are entering an entirely different world.  This is a close to nature experience unlike no other, but what stands out the most, is that everything just starts to slow down.

Time gets left behind and you immerse yourself into the spectacular scenery and landscapes that make Tortuguero so picturesque and inviting.  And then you arrive at Manatus Costa Rica, the best hotel in the Caribbean and in the small, secluded town on Tortuguero. Welcome to your eco-chic honeymoon in the jungle.

Manatus Costa Rica is a honeymoon

Manatus Costa Rica is considered the best hotel in Tortuguero for a number of great reasons that will guarantee that your stay will be unforgettable. Focused on serenity, quality, and tasteful styling, this is where you succumb to the harmony between nature and eco-luxury.

With just 12 rooms, Manatus Costa Rica is intimate which is the perfect setup for a romantic time away.  They were designed to emphasize the authenticity of the area with the comforts of an eco-luxury lodge. Enjoy the beautiful wood accents and the soothing color palette that communicates quiet elegance.

The interiors also welcome in plenty of light and capture the mood of the natural surroundings which when you are immersed in dazzling tropical gardens and the rainforest, is worth enjoying from the privacy of your beautiful suite.

And let`s not forget that you have A/C, cable TV too which sets Manatus Costa Rica apart as it is the only hotel in Tortuguero that offers it`s guests these welcoming treats. After a day on the canals or by the pool, to retreat to the comfort of your room and feel the cool air, is memorable!

Sit back and relax in the serenity of Manatus Costa Rica

Honeymoon Cuisine!

Manatus Costa Rica is also the only hotel in Tortuguero that has a gourmet restaurant on property.  The Ara Macaw Restaurant is the epitome of Costa Rican Caribbean Cuisine and you will love it!  Enjoying exquisitely made dishes has never been easier as your three meals are included in the daily rate so sit back and enjoy the flavors and colors of the Caribbean.

And let’s face it, when you are in a secluded corner of the world and you want to relax during your honeymoon, to have the pleasure fantastic food just steps away from your suite, is the best-case scenario.  Add on the Morpho Bar with its amazingly delicious cocktails and refreshing drink menu, take a seat and just inhale the moment.  The water canals at sunset are reason enough to just be in the moment.

Details that make Manatus Costa Rica Tortuguero perfect!

Honeymoon Adventures

While relaxation and serenity are so easy at Manatus Costa Rica, it is worthwhile to put on your adventure hat for a few hours and do some exploring of the Tortuguero National Park which holds one of the most biodiverse regions of the country. No need to walk as you will boat it on this tour.

The tours of the water canals are for animal spotting and there are lots to see!  Apart from over 400 different bird species that call Tortuguero home, you will also have the chance to see monkeys, sloths, caimans, reptiles, felines and while not easy, you may even see the elusive Manatee.  Tortuguero is a nature-lover’s paradise and all you have to do is sit back in the boat and glide through the canals.  Instagram moments will abound!

Manatus Costa Rica invites you to Tortuguero and this special place on the earth.  A member of the exclusive collection of Enchanting Hotels, you will fall in love with it. This is where you escape from the world and immerse yourself into the absolute beauty and serenity of the water canals and the eco-luxury of Manatus. This is where you refresh, relax, renew in nature. Where better to enjoy a honeymoon than here?

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