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5 exceptional dishes of the Costa Rican Caribbean

It is said that for choices there are many colors… or dishes.  However today we want to share some of those dishes that are considered worthy representatives of the best Afro-Caribbean food due to their undisputed fame.  When you visit the Caribbean of Costa Rica on your family vacation, you have to try them!

Mainly with the arrival of African slaves from Europe, miscegenation occurred for centuries in the Caribbean, leaving in this area a great gastronomic and cultural heritage, and Costa Rica was no exception.
However, it wasn’t until the end of the 19th century, with the arrival of an enormous amount of African and Chinese immigrants, which came as workers, not slaves, that the Afro-Caribbean culture was definitely settled in Limón.

From this cultural influence, Costa Rican Caribbean enjoys today the best gastronomic heritage that manifests itself in the following dishes

  1. Rice’n beans: A dish that mixes rice, red beans and coconut milk, seasoned with salt, garlic, onion, thyme, pepper and Panamanian hot pepper.  It is an Afro-Caribbean variation of the "Gallo Pinto".    It is served accompanied by plantain, chicken or fish in a sauce, and green salad.
  2. The Rondón: This is one of the best seafood plates.  It’s a fish and seafood soup accompanied with coconut, plantains, cassava or yam.
  3. Pati: A pastry turnover stuffed with meat, spices and spicy pimento.
  4. Plantintá (plantain tart):  Sweet pie stuffed with coconut and plantains.
  5. Panbon: Consists of a bun that comes from the English gingerbread, made with dried coconut, spices and seasonal fruits.

Along with many other delightful dishes of the area, these are just a few that you can enjoy when visiting Tortuguero, in the Costa Rican Caribbean.  And if you want to satisfy your palate even more, we invite you to try the best version of the Caribbean fusion cuisine during your family vacation at the Ara Macaw Restaurant of the Manatus Hotel, Tortuguero, Costa Rica.

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