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How Tortuguero does eco-tourism

Costa Rica has been famous for decades when it comes to enjoying alternative tourism in the form of eco-tourism, rural tourism, and of course, adventure tourism. Costa Rica has mastered the art of providing incredible opportunities to enjoy this little country up close and in contact with nature and of course, the local community. Tortuguero has always been part of this alternative tourism art-form so let´s explore how.

Tortuguero is a favorite eco-tourism destination thanks to its incredible and unique natural landscapes, the immersion in nature, the involvement of the local community, and the conservation efforts to ensure the water canals and their dwellers remain safe and free to roam and swim without interference.

Ecotourism is also based on the concept of sustainability. All efforts to protect the environment and the local culture will always with an eye on it being long-lasting and for the benefit of the present and future generations.

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What is Ecotourism

Ecotourism is about uniting conservation of the environment and the cultural heritage of the destination you are visiting. The idea is to enjoy the natural surroundings and all its treasures in the form of landscapes, flora, and fauna but with the utmost respect.

This means that when immersed in the rainforest, on the slopes of a volcano, at the beach, in the mountains, or in the water canals of Tortuguero, you will always ensure the impact you have on the ecosystem is minimal.

It also means that tourism companies like Manatus Costa Rica have adopted the responsibility that ecotourism requires. Raising awareness in the society, implementing processes to protect the environment while enjoying the experience in nature, and upholding the cultural traditions of the local community.

Wildlife spotting is a favorite in Tortuguero

When did Costa Rica become an ecotourism destination

Costa Rica founded its protected areas network back in the seventies with a vision of ensuring its rich biodiversity would be safeguarded from deforestation, hunting, mining, and other activities.  Fast forward to today and more than 25% of Costa Rica is now within the National Park system.

When you have a country that has 20 life zones, 900 bird species, 237 mammals, 1260 tree species, 1200 orchid species, and 361 reptile and amphibian species, there is a lot to protect, and Costa Rica understood that half a century ago.  Kudos to Costa Rica!

Tortuguero National Park is just one of Costa Rica´s protected areas and has been since 1970! When you stay at Manatus Costa Rica, one of the tours is a visit to the Tortuguero National Park, a must during your stay in the amazing natural paradise.

Manatus Costa Rica uses 4-stroke outboard engines that reduce emissions

How does Manatus Costa Rica do ecotourism?

Manatus Costa Rica not only is the best hotel in Tortuguero that offers first-class service, a gourmet restaurant, spacious, well-appointed accommodations with luxury finishes, it also is sustainable!

With a responsible waste management program, conservation of the biodiversity, water and energy-saving program, and even boats with 4 stroke outboard engines that reduce emissions, Manatus Costa Rica continues to look for ways to preserve the precious Tortuguero ecosystem.

Manatus Costa Rica also has 2 hectares of protected forest on the property to partially compensate for its CO2 emissions. It also promotes the local Afro-Caribbean culture including the Ara Macaw restaurant that specializes in the use of local ingredients to create Afro-Caribbean-inspired dishes.

Come to Manatus Costa Rica,  a member of the Enchanting Hotels collection, for an unforgettable eco-tourism vacation. Enjoy nature up close and be part of the Tortuguero community. See you soon!

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