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Let´s explore 5 fabulous features of Costa Rica´s Caribbean Coast!

Tortuguero is on the northern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica and is one of the many treasures this rich coast beholds.  This is a land of contrasts, colors, and of flavors that are a continual source of wonder and unforgettable vacations for all those who visit it. Let´s explore 5 fabulous features of Costa Rica´s Caribbean Coast!

Costa Rica is very fortunate to have two coasts that are very beautiful but very different. The Pacific Ocean is nearly five times longer than the Caribbean coast. It is also much more irregular with many bays, gulfs, and peninsulas whereas the Caribbean is more even with long stretches of beach.  But this is just the beginning of the differences visitors may notice when visiting the coastal lowlands of Costa Rica.

Beautiful beaches are part of the Caribbean coast

The Caribbean River network.

The Caribbean Coast is divided into the northern section, where Tortuguero is found and the southern section, determined largely by where the rivers that meander over the extensive lowlands flow into. If you travel to the southern Caribbean coast, your journey will include many bridges that cross the rivers that flow directly into the ocean.  The rivers on the northern Caribbean coastal lowlands flow into the majestic San Juan River.

While they may flow into different bodies of water, the rivers are all born high up in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range and begin their journey down onto the Caribbean lowlands that are filled with banana and pineapple plantations and cattle farming.  Many small rural towns dot the lowlands.

These rivers speed down the mountainside creating white waters along the way. Thanks to their speed and beauty, they have become white water rafting hotspots that attract many adrenaline-rush seekers.  Costa Rica is a very popular destination for experiencing white water rafting and the Caribbean is the perfect place for the thrill of the ride.

Wildlife galore can be found on the Costa Rica Caribbean coast

Beautiful Beaches

Some of Costa Rica´s most beautiful beaches can be found on the Caribbean Coast, especially in the far southern section.  The beaches are white and clear sand, crystalline clear water, and the rainforest literally meets the sea.

The Caribbean Coast is also a very popular surfing destination attracting many surf enthusiasts from around the world.  In this part of the world, the surfboard and the bike and the most popular means of transport.

Other popular water activities include snorkeling on the coral reefs, fishing, exploring the rock pools, and just having intermittent swims in the refreshing water after spending time on the sand and under the warm, tropical Caribbean sun.

The Tortuguero area also has beaches, but these are long stretches of wild, open water making it less of a beach destination and rather more of a close-to-nature adventure exploring the water canals.  The beaches are appreciated more by the sea turtle arrivals throughout the year much to the delight of those who take the night tour to see this natural phenomenon.

Explore the rainforest-laden water canals in Tortuguero

Cultural Colors

The Costa Rica Caribbean coast is the most culturally rich of Costa Rica. It is a melting pot of cultures and historically was the arrival point of many immigrants who arrived on the shores of Costa Rica and make it their home.

They came to work on the railroads and the plantations and brought with them incredible spices and flavors that were combined with the colonial Spanish and first peoples’ dishes to create the most delicious and Afro-Caribbean-inspired dishes that continue to be popular all over the country.

Jamaican, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, and Indian cultural footprints in the form of dishes, languages, and traditions can be seen, heard, and tasted during your visit to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  Delicious and spicy, colorful, and accent-rich with tropical fruits and vegetables, the Afro-Caribbean gastronomy is full of surprises.

Manatus Costa Rica´s restaurant Ara Macaw Gourmet Restaurant specializes in Afro-Caribbean dishes. So, when staying at the best hotel in Tortuguero, you will enjoy a range of innovative and delicious dishes.  Add to the fact that you are surrounded by nature, the water canals and the excellent service and the relaxing ambiance, your meals at Ara Macaw will be a highlight of your travels.

Delicious, Afro-Caribbean dishes at Ara Macaw Restaurant


The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is a nature-lovers paradise thanks to its lush tropical forests that embrace the beaches, the Tortuguero water canals, and the mountains. Immerse yourself into nature, its beauty, and all the treasures it beholds while exploring this exotic and exuberant side of Costa Rica.

When in Tortuguero, you will explore the rainforest in a boat along the water canals.  From this privileged viewing spot, you will check out wildlife galore that will keep you entertained for hours.  It is a wonderful opportunity to take lots of fantastic photos of monkeys, caimans, reptiles, birds, sloths, and even a jaguar if you are really lucky.

With such lush nature, comes humidity and rain and the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is just that.  Temperatures remain warm always and the morning sun is delightful for a swim and beach time. The afternoon may be rainy and refreshes the balmy, tropical air.  September and October are the driest months of the year in the Caribbean. This is also when the Afro-Caribbean community celebrates their ancestry and culture with its colorful carnival.

Manatus Costa Rica invites you to the Costa Rican Caribbean coast, a land full of contrasts and intense, natural beauty.  Come and enjoy the colors, flavors, and sights of the Caribbean at Tortuguero.  It is full of surprises!

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