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Tortuguero is having a great summer!

Did you know that the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has its summer in September and October? Unlike the rest of Costa Rica that lives the rainiest months of the year at the moment, the Caribbean coast enjoys sunlit, tropical days with little to no rain. This year is not the exception either. Tortuguero is having a great summer and Manatus Costa Rica, the best hotel on the Tortuguero canals wants to share the sunny days with you.
Tortuguero also is a great place to visit during these extraordinary times as it is only reachable by boat or plane so that is a great place to start with. In this little corner on the northern coast of the Caribbean Sea of Costa Rica, Tortuguero is far from the crowds and close to nature, so you won´t have to worry about bumping into people on the street walk or hanging in lines to see the attraction.

Relaxing by the pool overlooking the canal is perfect for summer

Tortuguero Summertime

Tortuguero is an amazing place with or without rain. It is also nice to leave the raincoat and umbrella at home for a while and enjoy that extra boost of Vitamins C and D which enjoying the beautiful water canals and rainforest. It also means you can lay by the pool at the Manatus Costa Rica hotel enjoying the afternoon sun with a refreshing cocktail or your morning coffee before heading off on a tour or into town.

Tortuguero is about being outdoors and immersed in wildlife spotting.  Take a boat tour of the water canals or having a walk through the small town. This is a place where wide-open spaces are the stars of the show. What will happen is that you will see lots of animals, lots of wide-open spaces, amazing greens, and blues. There is a sense of serenity that will be wonderful for your heart and soul.

The best hotel in Tortuguero

Summer Stay

What will add to the amazing summer months on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is that you have Manatus Costa Rica Hotel that sits on the Tortuguero canal. This VIP hotel has 12 fully equipped luxury rooms for the utmost comfort during your summer days. Your suite also has welcoming A/C after a day in the sun and out on the canals, satellite TV, WiFi, and hot water.

Each of the beautiful bungalows is surrounded by colorful tropical gardens that can be enjoyed from the generous window and the private terrace. Enjoy a walk around the property or some downtime at the pool to relax, absorb the peace and the quiet of nature and its immense beauty

Summer Adventures

Your summertime in Tortuguero also is about some adventure on the water. Your daily rate at Manatus Costa Rica includes close-to-nature experiences that will be unforgettable. Hop onto the eco-friendly electric boats for the time of your life to explore the water canals and spot the sun basking crocodiles, the sleep sloths, birds galore, and of course the cheeky yet alert monkeys.

When the sun goes down and the moon appears, the Tortuguero summer is also a time when the sea turtles arrive. In the safety of the night, they slowly yet surely make their way up the beach. Then they dig a hole and drop dozens of eggs into the nest before covering it up and making their way back into the water. This is an incredible sight to witness.

Savor the best of Afro-Caribbean-inspired cuisine

Savoring Summer

Not only will you enjoy a stay at the best hotel in Tortuguero, but Manatus Costa Rica also boasts the only gourmet restaurant in the neighborhood too. This means you have Afro-Caribbean-inspired and international dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while dining at the Ara Macaw Gourmet Restaurant.

Enjoy a menu full of rich, summer flavors that are inspired by fresh Caribbean ingredients and transformed into delicious, cosmopolitan dishes. The open-air restaurant sits by the canal, so enjoy your meals in the company of your loved ones and the beauty of the water and its vitality.

Manatus Costa Rica looks forward to your summer visit or whenever you decide to visit this amazing corner of the world. It is a perfect getaway for couples or family groups to escape the madding crowds and enjoy nature at its best. See you soon!

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