Tortuguero`s Best Gourmet Restaurant Ara Macaw [:es]

Ara Macaw Gourmet Restaurant; A unique culinary experience in Tortuguero

Tortuguero’s Only Gourmet Restaurant

Live the Costa Rican Rainforest experience with the beauty and its rich diversity of colors, imagery, and contrasts. In this unique corner of the world, time takes on a whole new meaning and it is where the waterways reign.

Article by Georgia Atkin

On the far northern Caribbean Coast, Tortuguero can be reached by boat through winding canals embraced by the emerald green tropical rainforest that is mirrored in the calm, dark waters. The sense of time standing still while gliding through the indulgence of nature is overwhelmingly magical.

This is where you will find a true, luxury, eco-tourism experience in the Manatus Hotel and it is the perfect place to stay in this magical wilderness. This lodge not only offers A/C and cable TV in their 12 bungalow style rooms, but it also boasts a wonderful, local flavored fusion-gourmet restaurant too.

What could be more inviting to an incredible culinary experience than a world-class restaurant with Tortuguero as a backdrop? The Manatus Hotel’s, Ara Macaw gourmet restaurant is the place to delight your senses with their amazing twists on the Afro-Caribbean dishes and ingredients.

A fusion of flavors, colors, and textures

Showcased as the only gourmet restaurant in Tortuguero, the Ara Macaw menu offers a blend of flavors rich in coconut, spices, freshness and local flair. This fusion of flavors, colors, and textures are the product of the delicious cultural footprints of the zone. Thanks to the Jamaican, Chinese, Indian, Spanish and local indigenous heritages that settled along the Caribbean coast, Ara Macaw has translated this diversity into a spectacular array of dishes for its guests.

The gourmet designed menu is varied and cosmopolitan offering its clients a mixture of aromas and flavors and can be savored in an open air restaurant surrounded by exquisite gardens that attract beautiful and exotic birds and fauna. The canal views from the restaurant keep you in touch with the beauty and tranquility of the moment.

Contrary to what you might expect in this secluded little corner of the country, Tortuguero, like Costa Rica in general, the variety and accessibility to amazing fresh produce guarantees the exquisite dishes the Ara Macaws chefs and kitchen lovingly create at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is one of the pluses with tropical seclusion; the Manatus Lodge includes all three meals in your room rate so you will be treated to delicious dishes throughout your stay.

One guest, MJ from San Francisco summed up his culinary experience at the Ara Macaw restaurant in August 2018“…to the amazing meals, incredible food, drinks, dessert… this place has it all”.

Rice and beans for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It always is delicious

A perfect way to start or finish your day of tropical adventure is one of the restaurant’s star dishes which is the famous “Rice and Beans”. This is a Caribbean cousin to the traditional Costa Rican “Gallo Pinto” as both dishes are made from Rice and Beans but that is as far as the family resemblance goes. What makes the dish so special is the coconut milk and Panamanian peppers that make this explosion of flavor so inviting and unique to this part of the country especially when it is combined with chicken and Caribbean sauce or sweet plantains.

The Caribbean Fish Soup is another burst of flavors. Just imagine enjoying fresh fish cooked in coconut milk infused broth while overlooking the calm waters, immersed in the closeness to nature and the orchestra of its shy dwellers.

An alternative fish dish is the all-time favorite Ceviche which is made of fresh fish marinated in lemon juice, onion, red pepper, and cilantro. What a fantastic way to enjoy the local cuisine with fresh produce and great service by the Ara Macaw crew.

Excellent service and friendly smiles are always present at Ara Macaw

We cannot talk about Ara Macaw without mentioning the service and kitchen staff and their expertise in the art of creating spectacular locally infused dishes and beverages. They consistently strive to make your time at the hotel and Ara Macaw as memorable as possible.

As a guest from the UK in May commented “The restaurant served a variety of delicious food and the staff was friendly and courteous. Highly recommended.” This confirms the restaurant’s commitment to offering a wide array of culinary possibilities to exceed guests’ expectations in the quality of the food and the wonderful staff.

The restaurant has thought of everyone and caters for the vegetarian crowds too with a range of options from pizza to ravioli to fresh vegetable pie. A hearty meal is more than welcome before or after an adventurous tour into the national park. Tortuguero is the backdrop to as a “close to nature” experience imaginable where you are witness to the beauty of nature and the richness of its diversity.

Don’t forget the desserts!!

Last but not least is the sweet indulgence of the dessert menu full of fresh fruit, ice cream, and chocolate to seal your culinary experience at the Ara Macaw Gourmet – Fusion Restaurant. It is a challenge to decide which one to choose so why not pick a couple and share the love of sweetness.

Ara Macaw has handpicked ingredients in the creation of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus rich in variety and flavors to complement the diversity of colors, textures and moments you will embrace during your stay at Manatus and Tortuguero. Reliving those moments over a spectacular gourmet meal surrounded by nature is part of the unforgettable experience.

Come and live this culinary experience at the best hotel in Tortuguero. Enjoy an amazing rainforest experience in eco-luxury with the best restaurant in town. Contact us to work out your vacation dates!!




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